Run your company online in one program

Office and teleworker management

Monitoring tasks and responsibilities

All business metrics on one screen

Online platform with which you can manage your business online - both office and remote teams

Get the PDF “Over 100 Business KPIs” for Sign Up
Get the PDF “Over 100 Business KPIs” for Sign Up

Office and teleworker management

Monitoring tasks and responsibilities

All business metrics on one screen

Customer Results from Systemator implementation:


Taras Melnichuk

Owner "Vesservise"

production and service of weighing equipment

After the implementation of the Systemator, I finally got an organizational structure and a complete understanding of how my business works - who is responsible for what, who has what tasks, how many and what the employees are busy with. The Systemator played an important role in personnel policy, having introduced all the tools, I identified "black holes" for which no one was responsible.


Denis Shovkoplyas

Executive Director "Blest"

Manufacture and sale of furniture in Ukraine and Europe

Many employees work from home under quarantine restrictions. The work of both office and remote employees was fully organized on the platform. I see and control everything in the system, everyone has their own work plan and KPI. The guys set up dashboards for me - they brought all the necessary business indicators online. Cool, I recommend!



Company owner

Brand of clothing, footwear and accessories stores

When I started to implement the system, the first thing that turned out was that my employees were loaded with real business tasks at least 3-4 hours a day. In addition, no one had a KPI - they did work for the sake of work. That's what I paid for, not the results. We have introduced the system - the work is in full swing, the indicators are growing. Replaced ineffective employees. thanks



HR Director

Manufacture and sale of furniture in Ukraine and Europe

They resisted for a long time, they were afraid of changes - the employees were not delighted with the idea of ​​introducing a new program. But they made up their minds. As a result, we launched, began to track the workload of employees, their work plans, and fix KPIs. Reduced staff and streamlined tasks between the team. As it turned out, we did not effectively use the working hours of the staff.

You need Systemator, if:


There is no unified management system for office and / or remote employees

The company does not have a clear, convenient system for monitoring the fulfillment of tasks and responsibilities of personnel. There is no way to effectively manage teams remotely.

Systemator is an online platform with access from anywhere in the world, where we have automated the work of the entire company. Everything is recorded and tracked - tasks, plans, KPIs, who, what and how much workload, who works effectively and who does not.




Employees do not take responsibility for the result of their work. No KPI

The company has not implemented performance indicators. It is not clear how to evaluate the performance of employees and how their work affects the company and its development.

Business is about metrics. In Systemator, each employee has their own KPIs. The indicators will be automatically compiled into statistical data (dashboards), when analyzed, you can evaluate the work of each employee.




There is no team spirit and well-coordinated teamwork.

Employees shift responsibility to each other and do not perform their duties properly. It is difficult to motivate them and there is a constant turnover in the company.

Everyone knows their role. Each employee has clearly defined functional responsibilities, his performance indicators and a work plan. The employee knows what is expected of him in the position and what he can demand from others.




Tasks are not executed without control. It is not clear who is doing what at what moment.

It is difficult to track the workload of employees - what tasks are taken into work and how much time is spent on their implementation. It is impossible to assess the contribution of employees to business development.

Employees work according to a weekly scheduling system, where tasks and the time for their completion are clearly recorded. The plans are approved by the head. We track the workload of staff in minutes / hours for each day and week in general.




Difficult to delegate - they can't cope without you

Business runs you, not you. You cannot imagine that you can go on vacation for 1-3 weeks and without you everything will work, and ideally, it will grow and develop.

Systemator records the roles of employees, areas of responsibility, targets and objectives. The staff does not have the ability to bypass the system - the system requires the fulfillment of its obligations. And you control it online.




Want to develop and scale, but no time for strategy

You want to grow and develop. But instead of developing a strategy, all the time is spent on current operational management and "extinguishing fires".

Systemator clearly distributes business functions among employees. Each has its own area of responsibility, tasks, KPIs. Employees are engaged in tasks and achieve planned performance indicators, and you control them online and build a strategy.



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Implementation on your own or with our help

Indicators of all company activities

Live 24/7 support

Complete confidentiality and data security

We help to get maximum profit from the system business

Let's build a balanced org chart

We will distribute all the business functions between employees

Let's start weekly scheduling of results company and employee workload

Define Key Performance Indicators

Take control of your business in Online mode: dashboards with performance indicators of the company, departments and each individual employee.


a set of tools for effective work office and remote employees. All company management in one program.

Specific results

Business processes are accelerated at least 2 times

Employees clearly know what is required of them, what tasks and indicators efficiency in front of them are

Revenue grows and business becomes scalable

Based on the example of our clients, the implementation of management tools directly affects business results and the willingness to scale.

You only deal with strategy

The company's activities are planned. Employees are task-focused. No downtime - key metrics rise, costs fall. Delegate your functions to subordinates inside the platform

Online business control

All business metrics on one screen. The ability to quickly track and influence them

Clear organizational structure

The optimal organizational structure reflects the real and actual distribution of responsibilities, areas of responsibility, subordination.

Operational excellence

Evaluate the current situation promptly, respond to changes in a timely and flexible manner

Increased employee efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your staff thanks to weekly planning within the system, a clear distribution of duties and areas of responsibility

Executive Management Tool

You will receive ready-made management tools that meet international standards

Understanding your role and responsibilities

A clear and recorded understanding of their duties, subordination and areas of responsibility

Ability to influence your income

Your work will be correctly evaluated in monetary terms with reference to the result

Convenient scheduler

Employees will have a convenient weekly task planner, which will increase their own efficiency

Controlled work week load

You yourself distribute tasks for the week, and the manager approves them

Multiply increase the work results of your company

Through a systematic approach to management

You'll get:

Ready-made company management system from anywhere in the world

Control over the work of the entire company and each separate division, employee

Indicators of the whole business on one screen

Implement Systemator alone or with our help

Ready-made tools for business development

Take a free training course on our platform and implement Systemator on one's own or order implementation with the help of our systematization specialists business

A program that is developed by practitioners in business organization

Savchenko Sergey


20 years in business

Co-owner of 3 companies

Experience in managing production, wholesale and retail trade, business in the field rendering services

Many years in the RAM and looking for a way out of it

The Systemator project is the result of many years of research that helped log off from hand management and focus on developing existing businesses and new startups

Eshchenko Sergey

Consultation of company owners

12 years management experience

5 years in the field of systematization of companies and in conducting business training

100+ classified companies

Alexander Rybchinsky

Development of electronic courses

Certified business coach

8 years experience in delivering business training

3 years of experience in the field of organizational management

More than 100 developed e-courses

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