Organizational Chart

Form an organizational structure that reflects the real and current distribution of responsibilities and areas of responsibility for everyone.

Stop solving the same organizational problems over and over again. Form an organizational structure in which each employee is assigned his position in the company, areas of his responsibility and the results of his activities. This will help employees focus on their work and solve organizational problems without the participation of the owner.

If organizational problems are resolved pointwise, as they arise, they will constantly haunt employees, preventing them from focusing on the main tasks. And the owner and top management will be busy solving them, and not developing the business. Such problems can be solved only by rethinking the very essence of the organization of the company's work.

The Organizational Chart management tool will help you with this. Its application makes it possible:

Assign responsible employees to perform specific functions

All functions of the company are distributed among subordinates and are located in one system. This method of organizing work helps to avoid misunderstandings among staff, conflict situations and the suspension of processes due to the fact that there is no responsible employee for the performance of a particular function.

Strengthen control over the performance of duties

For each function performed in the company, not only an employee performing it will be assigned, but also a leader who will control the quality and timeliness of the work of each member of his team. Often, subordinates perform their duties without 100% understanding what specific results the company expects from them. Such workers will never become highly efficient and will, at best, imitate hectic activities, increasing the amount of operational in the company. Also, quite often there are situations when an employee, his manager and the owner of the business have different ideas about what the first one should do and what kind of result should be produced. This creates additional chaos and disorganization. The product of each employee's activity specified in the organizational structure focuses his attention primarily on those tasks for which he is directly responsible and which contribute to obtaining the expected results. Such unambiguity in work allows each employee to correctly prioritize when performing daily tasks and receive timely and high-quality responses to inquiries from their colleagues.

Improve the onboarding process for new hires

For new employees, the Systemator organizational structure is a platform that will help them get acquainted with the structure of the company and its divisions, understand the areas of responsibility of colleagues and figure out what questions they should contact. This open structure speeds up the adaptation process and enhances the employer's image.

Use the organizational chart as a guide to solving organizational problems

The organizational structure will clearly define for each employee his areas of responsibility, levels of subordination, products of activity and the sequence of performance of functions. Therefore, this management tool will become an indispensable assistant in resolving conflict situations, determining the reasons and those responsible for the failure to perform certain functions and encouraging other employees to perform their duties.

Continuously improve the company

By rethinking the principles of the division of labor, you will have the opportunity to improve and reshape your company on an ongoing basis. If you have an interactive organizational structure, the introduction of new organizational changes can be done in two clicks. Also, the majority of employees will have the opportunity to suggest improvements to the organization of work.