Weekly scheduling

Stay on top of strategic plans, project progress and employee workload. Achieve your goals within the specified time frame without overwork.

Increase employee productivity by balancing tasks and workload. Plan the overall pace of the team, calculate how much free resources your team has, and balance everyone's work as needed.

Lack of plans in employees makes personal goals more important for them. Often they begin to do what is beneficial to them, and not to the company. Over time, the team becomes unmanageable. And the leaders cannot influence it and bear responsibility.
As a consequence, it is not the business owner who manages the tasks and employees, but the other way around: the tasks and employees manage him. Weekly planning will help you get out of this management pit.

The Weekly Scheduling management tool allows you to:

Organize the planning process in the company

The employee draws up a plan on a weekly basis, which the manager must approve to set operational objectives and track progress towards achieving plans for performance indicators, tactical and strategic goals. Thus, each department or team has a systematic approach to planning, optimally distributing the workload and priorities in work.

Transfer responsibility for planning and completing team tasks from managers to subordinates

The employee himself plans the tasks and the time he will need to complete them, which increases his responsibility and allows him to form a plan so that the scope of tasks can be completed within a week.

Track the progress of tasks on a daily basis

During the week, employees celebrate the work done in the plan. Color coding for completed and overdue tasks helps to quickly navigate both the employee and his manager.

Provide a manager of any level with a tool to allocate labor resources and achieve the goals of the reporting unit

Sustainable planning helps the manager to distribute tasks among employees and achieve strategic goals by dividing pre-term tasks into weekly ones and constantly monitoring their implementation.

Several times increase the productivity of employees who usually work at 30% of their capabilities

According to the statistics of the Sistemator's consultants, the average workload of an employee of the company is 30% of his capabilities. 70% of the potential of employees is not used due to the lack of a weekly plan and control over the timeliness of tasks on the part of the manager.