Performance Indicators

Set employee performance metrics that can be tracked weekly or even daily to keep employees focused on key tasks.

No matter where your team works Systemator can save you time, reduce distractions, and help team members be more productive.

You can only control what you can measure. We can effectively manage finances, time or gasoline in the car, because these are measurable values ​​and we know what actions to take when they change.
How to effectively manage the workforce? After all, if this is not done, then:
- employees will be focused on the process, and not on the result - - the business owner, his managers and their subordinates may have completely different points of view regarding the expected quantitative results of work
-you will not be able to build a fair and stimulating system of remuneration for the growth of indicators, and motivational payments will be thrown to the winds
-you will not be able to objectively determine the current state of affairs in the company, build a balanced plan for its development and track progress towards achieving it on a regular basis based

To solve such problems, Systemator has implemented a management tool "Performance Indicators" , the implementation of which allows:

Track company performance

A manager can assign a unique performance metric to each team member using a list of over 100 generic metrics. Also, the company can supplement it with its own unique indicators.

Strengthen control over the performance of duties

By comparing the actual results of the employees' work with the planned ones (reference or minimum acceptable), the manager can quickly take managerial measures to achieve the set goals. And the unique opportunity to form your own dashboards with metrics allows you to objectively assess the current situation on the issue of interest to the manager in an instant.

Focus team work

If the result of the team's work is made measurable, then all its actions are focused on the implementation and overfulfillment of targets. And the results can always be seen and compared with the planned, reference or other team's results.

Motivate employees to work

It becomes easier to motivate. After all, a business goal can be digitized, and you can see the progress towards achieving it with your own eyes.